Content and SEO

SEO demands content. Content marketing is content.

There is no such thing as SEO without content. You need words, articles, substance, keywords, verbiage.

SEO and content marketing are distinguished from one another in several critical areas. And while they have points of differentiation, you still can’t separate the two entirely.

No one would argue that a fundamental component of SEO is keywords — researching them, utilizing them, and tracking your ranking of them in the SERPs.

How does one apply the use of keywords? How is all the research funneled into its practical application?  It’s called content marketing.

One thing we can learn from big business is that loyal customers tend to become consumed with a brand they love. A great example of this is Apple. Several times I’ve ridden down the road and seen a car in front of me with an Apple window decal on the back. When is the last time you saw a Microsoft logo on the back of a vehicle? This is a result of the brand Apple has built around its product.

A brand story is developed by getting into the roots of the company.

Where and when did the company start?

Why did the owners want to start the company?

What struggles or successes did the company have in their journey?