Our Services


We specialize in all kinds of construction and renovation works including:


Renovation Works

We are experienced in all types of HDB remodeling projects – be it a complete overhaul of a resale HDB unit or the final finishes of a new BTO unit. We are a HDB registered renovation contractor and are well-versed in the application of the necessary paperwork and permits required. We provide complete refurbishing of resale condominium and landed units through managing the project with the various tradesmen required for the project. Some of our popular services include:


  • Hacking of walls to enlarge or connect existing spaces
  • Replacement of existing HDB windows and installation of grilles
  • Hacking and re-installing new flooring (vinyl, parquet, tiles)
  • Carpentry installations for typical everyday use

General Contractor Services

A general contractor has hefty responsibilities because of the extent of their job scope, integrating many roles into a single entity. If you find it a headache choosing among the different companies offering general contractor services, you will be relieved to know that we also offer a wide spectrum of such services with a dedicated team of responsible contractors who will make sure that from start to finish, service will be top-notch and results presented will exceed expectations.


The process of construction will be smooth and efficient and be completed within the stipulated amount of time.

Alteration & Addition Works

Alteration and addition works, in essence, encompass the renovation of building structures that are already present and existing. Common types of work include restorative works, strengthening of existing structures, changes to roof structures, building extensions, construction of structures such as staircases, canopies, facades, and mezzanines.


Over the years, 1 Eco Group has undertaken many such projects and delivered more than satisfactory results, with many loyal customers who have seen and know the quality of work we deliver.

Electrical & Electronic Works

Electrical works like wiring and electrical extensions are extremely hazardous and dangerous for someone inexperienced to do, which is why you should not take it into your own hands and attempt to do it yourself, and it can result in potentially disastrous situations.


It is thus imperative that such works are carried out by a professionally trained electrician, which is a service that we also provide for our customers. You can trust that our electricians will perform the required works safely and precisely for you. We also carry out electronic works, though in lesser frequency.

Plumbing Services

Have a clogged sink? Wastewater spewing out and flooding the floor with a revolting stench? Find it hard to sleep at night because the constant dripping from your leaking tap is keeping you awake? Toilet bowl unable to flush, clogged up? Situations like these can be distressing and highly inconvenient. Don’t fret because we provide plumbing services and possess a reliable team of professional plumbers at our disposal.


We don’t simply target the surface problems, but also the root of the problems because we know how frustrating it can be to see the plumber so often in a month because even after countless attempts to fix the problem it is still not properly rectified. If you require installations, repair or replacements for your plumbing equipment, you can rest assured that we will do all of the above for you efficiently.

Painting Services

Painting can be a back-breaking and tedious job. Why risk your back and spine trying to do it yourself just to save that bit of money? In worse scenarios, what if you don’t have much experience doing it and end up with a shoddy, amateurish result?


Keep your back safe, and rely on our formidable team of experienced painters who will work meticulously and get your place painted in record time beautifully with attention to all the details.