Yung Kien B Ganoderma Powder
勇健灵芝-B (粉未)

Yung Kien B Ganoderma Powder
勇健灵芝-B (粉未)



Ganoderma, also known as Lingzhi is well versed in its history of traditional Chinese medicine for the past 2 thousand years.

It reinforces your body’s strength and improves your physique. This aids in preserving your health at its prime at its optimal health.



Benefits Formula

● Boosts immunity

● Fight fatigue

● Improves memory

● Lower cholesterol

● Antioxidant

● Reduces inflammation


● Packed in a small satch for easy access and consumption.

● Dissolves in water for easy consumption


Major Ingredients Content
Ganoderma Powder 1g x 20 Sachets
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勇健灵芝-B (粉未)”

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