SPC Flooring

SPC Flooring

SPC flooring is an upgrade of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). It is special designed with “Unilin” click locking system. So, it can be easily installed on different floor base. No matter laying them on concrete, ceramic or existing flooring.

It is Stone plastic composite, so they are formaldehyde free.

Installs about 40% faster than traditional Glue Down.

Our SPC Flooring is 100% waterproof, also can be installed in Kitchen.

Much better than traditional vinyl flooring.

Use a vacuum or broom to remove dirt and debris. Depending on how much traffic your flooring endures, will determine how often you will need to sweep.

SPC flooring maintenance is also very easy. Choose one mop you like and the mop can be damp. After all, SPC floor is totally waterproof. When we want to deep clean the SPC floor, we can add some white vinegar into the water. If the white vinegar does not work, we can also add some dish soap together. Pls note, Strong, abrasive cleaners and wired brushed scrubbing pads should not be used on SPC flooring. This will destroy the top wear layer of SPC floor.
Our 6.5mm Vinyl Floor are child, pet and Elderly Friendly. It is waterproof, scratch resistant, fire resistant, anti-slip, spill & stain resistant and quiet.