Bubble fun.

To encourage creativity and imaginative nature for our students, Kids’ World has a bubbling program for children. Where they can go out and play on our green grass under the blue sky with colourful bubbles. By roaming and running around outside, it encourages active lifestyle from a young age where it’s especially ideal for children to move around as much.

Bubbles come in to play when we divide the class(s) into teams and start a competition as to who can blow the biggest bubble, who can carry the bubble across the playground without dropping or who can pop the most. Although it may sound easy, it for pre-school children under 5 years old hence is much more difficult and fun for them.

We believe that by encouraging easy gameplay, it expands their mind to come up with their own rules and develop a sense of wonderment to creative much more complexity to the game along with their friends and peers. As well as letting the children teach the teachers and care givers the rules, it teaches children responsibility and leadership.

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