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Pri and Lower Sec Science

Primary and Lower Secondary Science Tuition Ready to grasp scientific concepts from a young age, we are constantly challenging our students to ace the tests and remember them for life. By preparing for PSLE and secondary level science, our assessments and lessons are planned to impart your child with the proficient knowledge to explore Science outside of the classroom setting.


Secondary and JC Biology Tuition A combination of human and all things that respire, Biology is an all-rounder subject that tackles on the foundation of living things. It can be hard to grasp the concepts of this subjects. Onetone’s tutors are ready to help our students with various tried and tested methods and assignments in order to prepare them for their major examinations and life in general.

English and Literature

In the view of content, context and skilfully covered concepts for Secondary School English, we have classes for combined and pure Literature programmes at Onetone. We will be guiding our students to attain language proficiency to be competent in answering the exam questions and ask for themselves the importance of conceptualising English.


Primary, Secondary and JC Math Tuition At Onetone, we are devoted to exploring mathematics concepts and spread the joy of solving various types of problems and take on variety of solutions with our students. We offer primary, lower secondary, A and E Math, H1, H2 and H3 Math tuition classes. Our higher level math lessons are exam-oriented to aid our students with the knowledge and skills required of them to take on questions out of their league and ace their exams well.


Secondary and JC Chemistry Tuition Chemistry is a necessary part of Secondary and JC subjects, in order to excel it to receive top quality lessons and guidance, we are committed to pass on our knowledge and ensure that our students are well taught. By working towards the major ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels together, we want to be part of the journey to tackling a subject as demanding and difficult as Chemistry. We will be exploring concepts and programmes outside of school textbooks to better understand and conceptualise through analogies and simplified teaching.


Secondary and JC Physics Tuition Onetone utilises modern teaching methods to deliver quality results and groom our students into successful pupils. With our tutors’ guidance, we want our students to understand difficult and tricky concepts through lessons designed to facilitate the understanding and conceptualisation with use of analogies and simplified teaching methodologies, in order for your child to be more than ready to take on challenging questions and exam that they will be ready for.


With a team of compatible and competent educators who are ready to tackle difficult academic challenges with our students, we have years of experience in doing so.


Started with a vision for students especially who wants to cram for exams with guiding to how to study smart and hard, Onetone changed our motto to be more student friendly. We believe that every student have a true potential within them, no matter the type of academic results they showcase. We at Onetone want to bring out that potential from our students and pass on the philosophy that studying is not just about academic results, but also about what they haven’t learnt and how they can apply these lessons in real life context. We also want to hear what the children have to say regarding their own academics, school and studies. With over 20 years of experiences in teaching, our team of top scholars specialise in many types of subjects and are truly passionate about teaching and making lessons enjoyable and educational. We deliver results and goals, work hard together with our students. Working towards the goal isn’t the end and the results but the journey and the lessons you have learned along the way that is just as important.


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Throughout the years, we have touched the lives of many students. Here are some of what our past students have to say.
I wanted to get into ACJC and to do that I needed to get an A1 in my Maths and Triple Sciences. I was only scoring A2s and B3s thus, enrolled into Onetone when I started Sec 4. Slowly, but surely, I started improving and getting the results I wanted working along with my tutors. With hard work and smart studying techniques, I scored a Distinction for my Maths and Sciences. I’d like to thank my teachers for helping me achieve my true potential And the team of staff at Onetone who gave me flexible schedules despite my busy school schedule.
Koh Ren Yi

Koh Ren Yi

Bukit Merah Secondary School
I was failing my A-math and barely passing my E-math. After being enrolled into Onetone 6 months before my ‘O’ Levels, I saw first hand how my results changed and how I was capable of achieving As and Bs in my maths. My teacher, Mr Poh was very fun and passionate about teaching us. His assessment papers were challenging but manageable as he went through each concept we were unsure of. For my ‘O’ Levels, I scored a Distinction for my E-math and A2 for my A-math. Thank you Mr Poh, for believing in me and helping me.
Lim Wen Hui

Lim Wen Hui

Crescent Girls’ School
I have been studying at Onetone for 5 years since Primary 5 and I have become close with the staff and the teachers here. I have always been a slow student who could not grasp concepts taught at school well. After joining Onetone in preparation for my PSLE, my grades slowly started climbing up and eventually got into Express stream and now done with ‘O’ Levels. Onetone have been part of both of the most important exams in my life and both of which they have greatly helped and I scored L1R2B2 of 10 points for ‘O’ Levels. Thank you, Mr Ken, Ms Kek, Mr Oerry and many other teachers who have helped me during my time at Onetone for the past 5 years!
Zachery Tay

Zachery Tay

Outram Secondary School


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